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Turning inconvenience into opportunity

Derek Pacqué, the founder of CoatChex, had an idea to transform one of the oldest but longest standing concepts: the coat check. As a senior at Indiana University, he launched the business, offering local venues near campus a full-service solution to manage their coat checks. In 3 months, he generated nearly $50,000. But challenges quickly followed.  

First, the process he used required paper tickets that were often misplaced.  Second, in a sea of black Northface jackets, it was easy to confuse coats in a dimly lit space. Third, coats were occasionally left behind.  As a business owner, Pacqué had to pay out of pocket to replace lost coats, as well as deal with the headaches of storing and returning leftover coats.


Sticksnleaves collaborated with CoatChex over several months to design and develop an iPad application, API, and web dashboard to track venue performance and revenue. The application streamlined the check-in and check-out process by leveraging the iPad to take pictures of both the patron and their coat to document a visual match, effectively removing the need for paper tickets. Customers checked in their coat by using their phone number. Within 10 minutes of the venue closing, the system also sent text messages to users reminding them to pick up their coat ensuring people would not forget their coats upon departure. CoatChex was also able to track net revenue, employee hours, duration of patron visits, and volume of coats checked in by hour.


In 2012, CoatChex successfully landed a deal with American Express to power the VIP experience at Fashion Week in NYC.  During the week, they checked in 6,000 coats.  Not a single coat was lost!  American Express received numerous positive brand impressions thanks to the technology of CoatChex.  CoatChex continues to grow and since their launch has secured deals with Facebook, Yelp, Uber, and YouTube.

Derek Paque, Founder, CoatChex

"Working with Sticksnleaves surpassed my wildest expectations. They served as a foundation for the business, bringing creative development ideas and numerous strategic partners to the table.”

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