some of our
happy clients

Santiago Jaramillo
CEO, Bluebridge

“Sticksnleaves is unique in that they have the competency on the user interface and user experience side, as well as being strong on the coding and development side. They’re great at building stable products that just work. Sticksnleaves is the only team we've trusted to work on our platform!”

Ilya Rekhtor
Founder DoubleMap

“In everything from strategy to the actual development, they were great to work with. They follow up, making sure that the implementation went well, and respond promptly to tweaks or bugfixes. It’s been a great experience working with Sticksnleaves.”

JoAnn Bachewicz
Fishing Physics

“Sticksnleaves is the epitome of what a fast moving, cutting edge company looks like.  They took the time to evaluate Fishing-physics business model to help develop the best site for our needs.”