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Telemetry Sports

A sports analytics startup brings data and insights to the NFL

Meet Paul, Jeremy, and Kellen

After successfully launching Diamond Charts, a baseball analytics platform supporting more than 250 college teams, the Telemetry team set their sights on a bigger challenge: providing Artificial Intelligence to NFL teams. The company created a neural network (nerd speak for computers that have the ability to learn) that can instantly analyze thousands of plays allowing NFL coaches to see how their team can defeat opponents.


Months to land
first NFL contract


Weeks to build


1 of 11 finalists for NFL Pitch Competition

The Isssue

In December of 2015, the NFL, TechCrunch and the Stanford Graduate School of Business partnered to launch a sports technology pitch competition for Super Bowl 50. Telemetry's challenge was that they only had 6 weeks to submit a demo video of their product, which had yet to be built.

The Strategy

Through our Accelerate Services, Sticksnleaves provided a product development team of designers, engineers, and strategists to quickly create the product Telemetry envisioned. The stakes were high - the judging panel for the competition included Condoleezza Rice, Nike CEO Mark Parker, and early Facebook investor Jim Breyer. With the product being demo’d live in front of NFL executives, Sticksnleaves' execution needed to be flawless.

The Result

In weekly agile sprints, the Sticksnleaves team created Telemetry’s brand, marketing website, user interface design and web application with a week to spare before the competition. They unveiled the Telemetry platform in front of a room full of NFL executives. It was the type of exposure of which new startups dream. Soon after, the company landed its first contract with an NFL team.


As part of the design process, our team drew inspiration from brands and products that were dynamic and energetic, focusing on data and sport application design.

Motion Paths

Using data collected by RFID (radio frequency identification) tags in player’s shoulder pads, Sticksnleaves was able to plot the location of players on the field. The unique challenge was building a scaled representation of an actual NFL field that accurately showed each player's position and route on the field.


NFL coaches can pull up video of a particular event and watch how the play unfolds based on their specific search criteria. Integrating play routes and video make the platform an indispensable tool for scouting.

Heat Maps

As coaches select different criteria, they can see a heat map of where a majority of plays occur on the field. For instance, if a coach wants to see all plays where Andrew Luck threw to TY Hilton when he was wide open, the coach can select that criteria and see every time this occurred on the field.

The entire Sticksnleaves team was great to work with. I know we couldn’t have found a more talented team that could have delivered all of what we needed in such a short time.
- Kellen Hurst, Cofounder

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