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Helping a startup bridge the communication gap between long-term care facilities and families.

Meet Noah & Matt

After his uncle’s tragic skiing accident, Matt Prasek experienced the challenges firsthand of getting updates on a loved one in a long-term care facility (LTC). With family members spread out across the country, they had a hard time getting updates about his uncle’s progress and communicating that with the rest of the family. In that moment, he wished his family had a communication platform to coordinate care between the family and the LTC in a more coordinated fashion. Thus, Safekeeping was born.


Beta medical facility customers


Ball State Best New Venture competition

The Issue

Safekeeping was attempting to do something incredibly difficult - share protected patient health information with others. They wanted to create a HIPAA-compliant mobile platform that passes data securely to family members while also ensuring the integrity of that data.

The Strategy

We worked with Matt and Noah to define a technology strategy that seamlessly accesses patient data through the LTC’s electronic medical record systems. We leveraged a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud service provider to store the data. We worked with HIPAA experts to design a mobile application that securely transmits data using advanced encryption technologies and HIPAA-compliant procedures to keep data safe.

The Results

We worked closely with two major medical facilities to build the first version of the platform. Working with these facilities from the start gave the facilities confidence in our approach, and it ensured that the platform we built was secure. The result was a product that facilities were thrilled to provide to patients to enhance the patient and family experience.


Safekeeping wanted to convey that the application fostered a more serene LTC facility experience. We explored different iconography styles and eventually landed on a style that appeared both professional and calming. 

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