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Helping a growing startup reimagine their mobile app content management system.

Meet Santiago

People use their smartphones more than their computers, and usually more than any other technology. However, organizations have struggled to figure out how to leverage mobile devices to communicate with their audiences. Having a world-class, custom branded app is often out of reach because of the significant level of effort required to build a mobile application from scratch. Santiago set out to solve this problem by offering a platform for clients to build their own custom mobile apps.


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The Issue

As Bluebridge contemplated developing a new web platform to replace their current one, they needed additional developer bandwidth along with user interface development expertise.

The Strategy

During two week agile sprints, Sticksnleaves' interface engineers worked closely with Bluebridge’s design and development teams. Through our Augment Services, the strategy was to deliver function rapidly for their teams to test internally, allowing project team members to quickly provide feedback for changes in the user experience.

The Result

Bluebridge’s customers love the new platform. They went from a fairly basic, first version of their product to a new version that wows their customers. It’s one of the most compelling and advanced mobile app platforms available. It has significantly helped the sales process and increased customer retention. The user experience, speed and performance have also dramatically improved.

Drag and Drop

Sticksnleaves leveraged React, a cutting-edge technology created by Facebook, to create a rich, drag and drop interface. We completely reimagined the Content Management System (CMS). The result is a visual mobile app builder that allows users to see their application come to life as they add new sections and features to their app.

Preview Changes

As users make changes to their app, like adding an image or creating a push notification, they can preview how those changes will look for users of their mobile app.

Sticksnleaves is great at building stable products that just work. Working with Sticksnleaves is an excellent experience that yields stellar results.
Santiago Jaramillo, Bluebridge

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